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Informational Services

The library excursion (familiarity with the library departments and Using Terms).

Opened access to library fund.

Provision of electronic catalog, which disclosing the library fund content.

Organization of thematic exhibitions (including virtual).

Receiving to the temporary use of any document from library fund.

Certificates performance   upon requests of readers.

Individual and selective groups on information dissemination.

Information seminars for specialists in different fields of activity.

Access to private and remote databases.

Access to Internet information resources.

Access to portal and e-government services.

Express reference "Online consultant."

Virtual reference service "Ask a Librarian".

Electronic delivery of documents.

Consulting_Consulting, educational services

Training how to use the library.

Training  how to work with the terminal of issue/literature returning.

Training how to search in the electronic catalog.

Receiving  of consulting assistance in searching and selecting of information sources (including the Internet).

Computer Courses and Internet literacy.

Consulting on electronic database using.

Consulting on e-government services.

Legal consulting (including online).

Language courses for children and adults (English, German, and French Languages).

Thematic media lessons (including English, German, French Languages).

Consulting on developing and writing projects for grant, organization of business correspondence with foreign c ountries.

Seminars, trainings are for librarians for professional development.

Public lectures of specialists in the various fields of activity.

Communication_Cultural and leisure (communicative services)

Mass celebrations, clubs, meetings, presentations, concerts (including in English, German, French Languages)





Free Wi -Fi.

Provision of personal computer for individual work.

Provision of special jobs for teamwork.

Recording to external recording devices (ERD).

Extension of the literature returning term on the phone and by e-mail.

Translations into state, and foreign languages ​​and reverse.

V-znakAttention! Some separate services are provided for payment.

Price list.

We will carefully consider all your suggestions to expand and develop our services.


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