Here the list of bibliographic (not full-text) databases is. There is the opportunity to deliver electronic copies of necessary documents from these databases.

Institute of scientific information on social sciences (bibliographic database on social and humanitarian sciences, which has been recorded since 1980. It contains annotated description of books and articles from journals and collections in 140 world languages, a complex database on study of literature; state and law; linguistics; philosophy and sociology; economics and demography; history, archaeology and ethnography; science of science, etc.)

Remote Databases
State Public Scientific-Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the RAS - (rich collection of the scientific, manufacturing-technical and educational literature. It includes the whole system of regional bibliographic data bases, containing documents about Siberia and the Far East).

Library for Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (BEN RAN) -  (Russian and foreign literature on natural and exact sciences, and also on theoretic problems of technical, medical and agricultural sciences. It has one of the richest collections of scientific literature in Russia, published after 1973).

Russian State Library (RGB) - (Electronic catalogue contains bibliographic records for all kinds of documents, including books and brochures in Russian and other languages of the Russian Federation (since 1980); in foreign languages (since1986); dissertations in Russian in all fields; except medical sciences (since 1994); standards (since 2005); notes (from XVI century); maps (since 2006), art materials, microforms;

Russian National Library (RNB) - ( (Electronic catalogue contains more that 113 thousand book records, received from Jan. 1998. And also there are presented catalogues of abstracts, and special kinds of literature and maps)

National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NB RK) -
(Electronic catalogue is being formed since 1994. From the library fund it is possible to order: magazine and newspaper articles, - theses of conference and meeting materials, separate pages of monographs, not exceeding 50 pages and abstracts.

"Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan"-inquiry legal system contains:
-normative acts on all spheres of the law
-comment too the current legislation
-the forms of the standard documents
-decisions of the region's akim
All documents are united in a convenient cover, which helps you choose the necessary information efficiently.
This data base includes a single classifier, a variety of ways to search an information, a hypertext, legal comment, information and help (to safe time and give a lot of full necessary information on every document.). Free access to its data base in Open Legal Information Center -
"Megaencyclopaedia of Kiril and Mephody"- huge electronic text database.
It's the largest enquiry - encyclopaedia edition in the Internet. It has a large variety of information from the mesozoic era up to the modern civilization. It will be interesting for the teachers of various subjects, for scientists, for the students and pupils, and also for all inquisitive users.
Megaincyclopaedia gives an excellent opportunity to rewrite the necessary information for your CD and to use the ready files.

On - line Databases

EBSCO Publishing Databases
EBSCO Databases' access is carried out within the framework of the project "Electronic Information for libraries" (EIFL Direct) and this project is financed by the Institute of Open Society. EBSCO Publishing Databases access the largest databases of foreign periodical publications in the world, including more than 4000 full texts of scientific magazines in the original language. In the ON-LINE regime, there is access to: the scientific academic databases in the humanitarian spheres Academic Search Elite and Business Source Premier; databases of popular periodical publications of general trends MasterFile Premier, Newspaper Source; medical database Medline with full texts. Each of the databases has a search system to seek the required information on key words.

Scientific Information Institute on Social Sciences(SIISS)-
Bibliographic databases (DB) on social and humanitarian sciences have been used since 1980. They maintains annotated description of books and articles from magazines and collections in 140 languages of the world received by the library of SIISS. Users can work with the whole complex of databases on literature; linguistics; philosophy and sociology; economics and demography; history; archeology and ethnography; the teaching of science; the teaching of religion and orientalism.

All-Russian Scientific Technical Information Institute (ASTII)-
has been forming since 1981 based on materials of VINITY on natural and technical sciences. It maintains books, conference materials, periodical publications, patents, normative documents and deposited scientific works. A fee is required for this service.

State Public Scientific Technical Library (SPSTL)-
You can find Russian and foreign publications on different spheres of science and technique, economics and adjacent disciplines, dissertation synopses, unpublished translations and accounts. "Summary catalogue on scientific-technical literature" is presented as well, which maintains over 520,000 notes.

Russian National Library (RNL)-
Electronic catalogue "RNL" maintains over 113,000 books received by the library since 1998. Catalogues of dissertation synopses, special types of literature and maps are represented as well.

State Ushinsky Scientific Pedagogical Library-
Fund includes literature of historical, theoretical and practical directions in pedagogy, education, psychology, study of mental and physical handicaps and adjacent sciences. Electronic catalogue of the library reflects all materials in the library since 1994. These include Russian and foreign books, serial publications, dissertation synopses, text-books and educational methodological aids, plans, programs, courses, symposium and conference materials. The database is updated with an analytical list of Russian and foreign periodicals, thematic collections, labors of Institutes.

National Library of Republic of Kazakhstan (NLRK)-
Funds of NRLK are unique and universal. They amounted to 5.5 millions of units in 100 languages of world nations. NL has been forming since 1994. You can order from NL the following:
- articles from magazines and newspapers;
- theses on materials of conferences and meetings;
- separate pages of monographs, not more than 50 pages;
- synopses

Access to Free OnLine Journals and Databases
There is already a wealth of online free materials available on the Internet.

Some important sites, which will also lead you to other sources include:

Best of Science
The Best of Science is a free-access scientific publication of preprints and peer-reviewed articles. It is publishing in five major fields split in thousands of special areas: Exact Sciences, Technologies, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Human Sciences. Best of Science authors pay for the publishing process of papers and preprints. Fees are low and especially adapted to respond to the geographical origins of the authors. Papers can be published 1 week after reception. Access to the journal is wholly free.


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